What Profile Does Your Property Match?

At Motionloft we’re working with major retailers and property owners to provide pedestrian and vehicle data for high traffic locations across the country. From Union Square in San Francisco, to Fifth Avenue in New York, and the Loop in Chicago, the Motionloft network is currently counting over 1 million pedestrians a day!

Our engineers have developed a suite of tools to identify and analyze trends in this data.  These tools have helped our clients understand the impact of seasonality, marketing campaigns, and even construction on their properties’ traffic.

Through this analysis, distinct traffic patterns have emerged, and we have begun identifying profiles of different types of traffic. Below we have included a few examples from some of the more well-known locations across our nationwide network, and have classified them based on their trends. These patterns can be seen more clearly as we compare the average weekday daily traffic to the average weekend daily traffic.

What profile does your property match?

Dining and Nightlife

As you would expect, certain areas attract a higher volume of pedestrians during typical dining and nightlife hours. These areas have an uptick in pedestrian traffic later in the afternoon, with a sustained lift through the night on weekends.

Miami Beach, Miami

Marina, San Francisco







Tourist & Retail

Heavily trafficked retail and tourist destinations generally show fairly consistent weekday and weekend traffic patterns, with the weekend traffic carrying slightly longer into the nighttime hours.  They can be influenced by seasonality and generally have a later start than typical business or mixed use profiles.

Union Square, San Francisco

Honolulu, Hawaii







Business District

Business districts show two or three spikes during the week which is indicative of the two commute periods in the morning and afternoon as well as the lunch rush.  In general these areas have significantly less pedestrian traffic on the weekends.

Mid-Town Manhattan, New York

Financial District, San Francisco







Mixed Use

Mixed use locations show a blend of traffic patterns you would expect to see for business districts, with a spike in the morning, lunch and evening on weekdays.  However unlike business districts, mixed-use locations also exhibit higher volumes of traffic on the weekends that would be more commonly associated with retail or tourist profiles.

The Loop, Chicago

East Village, New York







Having a thorough understanding of the traffic patterns for your locations helps you make more effective business decisions.  This includes ensuring the right tenant mix during the site selection or leasing process, setting appropriate business and staffing hours, and taking advantage of your peak times for promotional efforts.

Interested in learning more about how your business or property can benefit from Motionloft’s real-time pedestrian and vehicle data? Contact sales or call (415) 625-0162, and we will be happy to answer your questions!


Motionloft’s New Tools and Features

The team at Motionloft has been hard at work to provide the best real world analytics tool and to improve subscribers’ business decisions with accurate pedestrian and vehicle traffic analytics.

Recently, Motionloft launched an all new look for our online application and introduced features which reduce time to insight, display data in easy to view formats, and allow you to better understand and compare locations. ‘Time to insight’ is how long it takes you to reach an insight – our data is provided in real-time and we believe that your insights should also be both instantaneous and continuous. With engaging visual tools, the Motionloft app is designed to get you to the right conclusion faster.

Motionloft’s Comparison Tool is all new and allows subscribers to easily compare data from two locations, side by side.

Comparison Tool

Motionloft’s Comparison Tool

The Business Hours Tool enables business owners to input their location’s business information and compare current store hours with proposed hours – this feature empowers retailers to maximize their location’s potential capture opportunity.

Operating Hours Analysis

Motionloft’s Business Hours Tool

In addition, shopping centers now have a comprehensive tool that intelligibly provides subscribers with an at-a-glance view of traffic flow in real-time and chronologically.

Bubble Map

Motionloft’s Shopping Center Data Display

The Motionloft team is continually working on providing more features that address your real world analytics needs. Eliminate the guesswork and take advantage of the best pedestrian and vehicle data analytics tool.

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The Importance of Data after RECon

Data and insightful analytics were hot topics at ICSC’s RECon this year, even garnering attention from keynote speaker, Randi Zuckerberg. Retailers, property owners, and brokers are relying on data more than ever before. In conversations at RECon, many commercial real estate professionals expressed dissatisfaction with their current (out-dated) data solutions due to three main reasons: cost, accuracy, and time to insight. Motionloft’s unique pedestrian and vehicle analytics product directly addresses these issues.

Motionloft offers an always affordable solution for obtaining real world analytics. The Motionloft team went one step further during RECon and offered an exclusive deal to convention attendees (if you met with a Motionloft team member in Las Vegas, make sure you take advantage of this deal!). With distinctive pricing options and tailored plans, brokers, property owners, and retailers can all find the custom solution that best suits them for the right price.

Unlike Census data (which is already three years old) and hand counts (which only capture a few hours of traffic counts and are prone to human error), Motionloft sensors gather accurate information continuously. Sensors do not rely on other technology or personally provided information; instead, they simply count every person and car that passes by. Motionloft’s sensor network provides subscribers with precise pedestrian and/or vehicle information for specific locations – from the city, to the neighborhood, and down to the exact block.

The most troubling feedback from RECon was that commercial real estate professionals are missing out on opportunities by ignoring data – many RECon attendees expressed frustration with their previous data providers, stating that the installation was a hassle, the data was difficult to understand, and they eventually stopped trying to base business decisions on the information. Motionloft handles all installations and walks subscribers through the easy to use app. Recently, Motionloft’s engineering team has introduced new features, such as the slick Comparison Tool (as shown below), allowing users to easily compare two locations, and the Business Hours Tool, enabling business owners to input their location’s business information to determine the best hours to be open. These tools and features utilize Motionloft gathered data and greatly reduce time to insight.

In order to understand the value of data, one must be able to view, analyze, and utilize it. Motionloft gathers data and provides subscribers with the tools they need to make the best business and site selection decisions. As the commercial real estate industry continues to move forward, Motionloft will be there, providing the best pedestrian and vehicle analytics product.

Motionloft’s Comparison Tool is one of many in-app features that reduce time to insight

Do You Feel Lucky?

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”
- Seneca

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The House (Doesn’t) Always Win

Every May, the shopping center industry gathers in Las Vegas for ICSC’s RECon. While walking through a casino on the way back from the convention center, one may remember the adage, “The house always wins.” Though casinos are designed to get customers to part with their money, this doesn’t have to be the case while making deals at RECon.

Motionloft provides real world pedestrian and vehicle traffic analytics that allow retailers to make better informed decisions. Data collection is continuous and never takes a break – showing historical trends, as well as real-time information. Motionloft’s visual analytics allow retailers to make better informed decisions faster than ever.

This year, don’t gamble on decisions at RECon – stop by booth 314 in Marketplace Mall and learn more about the best real world analytics tool ever.

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Family Fun in the Square

Photo courtesy of Bakery Square’s Facebook Page

Last December, we brought you the story of Winter Wonderland – an account of how Walnut Capital was bringing the Pittsburgh community together at Bakery Square through creative and fun events. The Motionloft team was impressed by the crowds Bakery Square brought out to their last I Made It! event and looked forward to monitoring their next community driven gathering. Bakery Square hosted their 2nd Annual BkSq Family Fun in the Square last Saturday and it was another success! There were entertainers, food trucks, and a 21+ fundraiser, as well as a special I Made It! Jr + Healthy Living Market.

The Earth Day themed celebration brought out phenomenal crowds, increasing the midday pedestrians per block per hour significantly, according to Motionloft’s real world analytics. At its peak, pedestrian activity increased 500.85% over recent Saturdays! This is great news for Walnut Capital, Bakery Square retailers, and the local community. We look forward to monitoring future events at Bakery Square that encourage customers, merchants, and property management to come together for fun and a good cause.

Photo courtesy of Bakery Square’s Facebook Page

Walk to Work Day


San Francisco hosted the nation’s first city-wide Walk to Work Day last Friday, April 12th in an effort from Walk San Francisco to promote walking as a sustainable and safe means of transportation throughout the city. Many local businesses joined in the event by offering treats and discounts to walkers and Show Dogs on Market Street hosted a Walk to Work Happy Hour in the evening. The Motionloft team monitored pedestrian activity during the Walk to Work event and we are pleased to share a few insights from our gathered data.

We compared Friday morning’s pedestrian activity with the previous month’s data, gathered during the same hours on Fridays. Walk to Work Day saw a 20% increase in pedestrian activity throughout the entire city of San Francisco!  A few of the neighborhoods that saw a notable increase in pedestrian activity during the morning commute hours were Civic Center, SoMa, South Beach, and Union Square.

Though there was an increase in pedestrian activity between 7 and 10 am on April 12th, San Francisco’s vehicular traffic remained average for this time of year. The most significant change in pedestrian activity was seen during Show Dog’s hosted Walk to Work Happy Hour – commuters turned out in nearly double the numbers from previous Fridays between 5:30 and 7:30 pm!

The Motionloft team is looking forward to working with Walk SF in future Walk to Work Days and we are prepared for an even greater increase in participation with each passing year!

March Madness: A Shot in the Dark

By Krysta Gahagen, Community Manager

As an alumna of the University of North Carolina, March Madness feels like a major holiday season. Though this year hasn’t been the best for my boys in blue, I have received just as many bracket invitations as ever. Most years, I pick my brackets blindly – relying on gut feelings, ESPN sound bites, and a loyalty to UNC. However, it is not surprising that I have rarely had winning brackets.

As I was staring at a mostly empty bracket last night (see below), it occurred to me that my techniques of choosing a winning team are similar to how many retailers traditionally approach site selection. We both go enter into a decision with a hunch based on intuition, mull over outdated data, and hope that it all works out in the end. This March is the perfect time to end that cycle and the best way to do that is by employing real data – know recent trends in vehicle and pedestrian activity in both your neighborhood and on your block, watch as metrics update in real time, and compare accurate information on multiple locations.

If you don’t get real with your site selection process, you may find yourself as uncertain about a store location as I currently am about my bracket. Let’s leave trivial matters up to chance and use real data to inform important decisions.

Go Heels!

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Last year, Motionloft made our ICSC debut at the ICSC Retail Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are very excited to return to RECon this year for more networking, deal making, and educational opportunities. There will be over 30,000 attendees and 1,000 exhibitors – we look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new people at our booth!

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