Motionloft to be featured at Telit DevCon

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On September 8, 2015, Motionloft is demonstrating an application of real-world analytics using Motionloft installed sensors representing an advanced use case in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry.  A live display will show the movement of people between the 20 sessions, the keynote and partner pavilion. The display will be in the foyer and the dashboard will demonstrate by location the activity of all the areas installed.


For TDC 2015, the dashboard will be labeled by location and include a “bubble map” for easy comparison between all the locations. The sensors include a processor, lens and sensor board and a 3G wireless connection powered by the Telit HE910-D modem over the AT&T industrial network. There is no wiring required, only power is required to get the devices in play.


Motionloft sensors provide real-time and historical pedestrian traffic data for each installed location. By having access to this data and the associated metrics, they provide clients with the ability to identify trends, and make decisions based on real data. Their devices are versatile; exterior-facing sensors can analyze pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles outside a location, while interior-facing sensors can analyze customer foot traffic within the retail space.


Motionloft is a technology company based in San Francisco, California. Motionloft, a Mark Cuban company, is installed in every major city in the U.S., with expansion to Mexico and Canada in 2015. Register now for TDC 2015. Engage with an auditorium of innovators; and add an array of new perspectives to your view of IoT. Use it to help you visualize emerging IoT enterprise opportunities. TDC 2015 is the launch platform for new Telit products and services rich with new advancements. See how Telit can help you onramp your devices to the IoT and manage your application of data with less risk. Only 12 days left to register! Register today to secure your place. Registration fee: $200. View up-to-date program and list of sponsors and partners at


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