New Motionloft Outdoor Sensor to Change the CRE Landscape

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The commercial real estate industry has been changing at an accelerated rate over the past few years as technology begins to make an impact on efficiency and access to useful information. In particular, exciting progress has been made in sensor technology that provides essential information that was much more labor-intensive to obtain in the past.

Knowing about pedestrian traffic at a given business location is a critical tool in planning and in evaluating a location. In the past we relied on human counters, and the resulting data was less than complete. For one thing, you can’t have someone counting traffic around the clock, and even if you could, there can be a high margin of error. Once a count is collected, the raw numbers still have to be turned into useful, actionable information. More recently the industry has utilized technology solutions that have been expensive to install and, maintain, with extensive infrastructure requirements that limited where this technology could be deployed.

With the development of technologies like Motionloft, these downsides are eliminated. Using computer vision software built into small, weatherized sensors, we can constantly monitor people, cars, and bicycles passing by virtually any given location, whether indoors or outdoors. There are little to no infrastructure or technology requirements, with the data streamed in real-time and available to customers anywhere, on any device.

Motionloft’s cloud-based business intelligence tools assist customers in identifying traffic patterns based on time of day, direction, and more.  At a glance, customers can tell not only how many people walk by the business, but what direction they are coming from and which times of day are the busiest.

This type of information is tremendously valuable for planning and scheduling, but also can be useful to commercial real estate clients looking to compare traffic and several locations or provide potential tenants with clear and credible data on the property.  It can help identify market trends in the area and aid in analyzing and projecting growth, or it can help find trends and give insights into events such as Black Friday.

Motionloft is a turnkey solution, providing all installation and maintenance support.  Our sensors take about 20 minutes to set up and less than 5 inches square. Data immediately begins to stream and is collected and analyzed by the platform. We can provide easily digested reports that allow commercial real estate professionals to better understand the real world conditions at a property, and effectively communicate that information to clients and colleagues.

Better information, gathered around the clock and available anywhere. The information you want without the time and work that was once required to get it. These are things that sensor technology does so well. It means that no matter how many locations or properties you need to track, Motionloft has you covered.

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