Top Five Holiday Shopping Days of 2015

Though many reports have stated that shoppers are making more online purchases this holiday season, at Motionloft we are still seeing a steady flow of consumers who head to the shops, but what days can retailers expect the biggest rush?

When we looked closely into individual shopping days nationwide, we were not surprised to see that busiest shopping day in retail centers is still Black Friday (Nov 27th) as shoppers take advantage of retail deals. However we were interested to see that several subsequent days hit similar traffic volumes- within 85% of the traffic that what was seen on Black Friday. We also see a significant last minute rush right before the Holidays. Below you’ll see the top five busiest shopping days of the 2015 season.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 5.35.30 PM

No surprise that three of the top days are the days closest to Christmas. Many consumers still procrastinate, and delay their shopping until the last minute. Online shopping does not allow for this level of procrastination due to shipping constraints. We also see that many customers leverage their weekends in Mid-December to stock up before the big rush in almost as many numbers as Black Friday itself!

There is no doubt of the impact of online shopping to omni-channel retail sales, and traditional shopping patterns to brick and mortar locations. Therefore having access to real-time pedestrian traffic data during the holiday season becomes even more imperative to retailers and property owners alike. This data enables them to understand volumes, track year over year changes, and ultimately better prepare and serve that traffic to maximize revenue during the holiday season.

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