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Computer Vision at the Edge by Motionloft

Posted by Panos Kourdis on Dec 3, 2018 11:21:04 AM

Motionloft's weatherized ViMo sensor provides in real-time accurate pedestrian and vehicle tracking information inside or outside, visualized via our in-house built web-analytics platform and also accessible via a secure private API. It connects to the Cloud wirelessly by LTE or WLAN without requiring any additional infrastructure. Only, a common 110 volt electrical outlet and a good spot to mount the sensor for capturing the region of interest is sufficient.

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10 Retail Analytics Metrics You Don’t Know and Need

Posted by Carlos A. Folgar on Oct 24, 2018 1:34:31 PM

Retail operations and marketing leaders share common goals and challenges related to their brick-n-mortar stores. In order to enhance the customer experience and drive growth in stores, retailers must understand customer shopping trends in the physical world. 

Motionloft's ViMō computer vision sensors, deep learning object recognition algorithms, and personalized analytics platform give retailers an end-to-end solution to understand the entire shopper journey offline. All without the need for wifi or bluetooth tracking, and without collecting any personally identifiable information.

For example, here are 10 pieces of store foot traffic data Motionloft provides you to better understand brick-n-mortar shopper trends.

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What I learned in Kansas

Posted by Joyce Reitman on Mar 28, 2018 10:12:37 AM

I came to Kansas City this week to pick up an award and left with a much deeper knowledge of where and how our cities are planning to tackle the future. Their survival depends on it. They know it, and as one Mayor said, “I grew up in the rustbelt, and I am not going to see my City turn into a digital rustbelt.” From Louisiana, to Georgia to California and New York, the elected officials spoke about how they need to adapt to our changing world, one ruled by the smartphone.

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Retail has survived 2017... so far

Posted by Stu Waters on Nov 2, 2017 4:43:31 PM

2017 has felt like a brutal year for the retail industry so far. Radio Shack, Payless, Gymboree, and many other big brands have announced over 6000 store closings since the beginning of the year.

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The Starbucks Effect: Anticipating Trends in Commercial Real Estate

Posted by Stu Waters on Oct 24, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Quartz Research did a study comparing data from Starbucks and Zillow to see if there was a  correlation. Sure enough, homes within 1/4 mile of a Starbucks showed a drastic increase in value when compared to home value listed on Zillow — an increase of 65 percent, in fact.

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Motionloft takes the physical movement of people and vehicles and turns it into digitized data. Our dashboard presents this unique data to the user in real-time enabling them to make confident decisions, provide precision for algorithms, and reveal new opportunities that only data can surface.


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