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Holiday Data


Retailers get a head start on planning their holiday promotions earlier and earlier each year. To maximize sales during this critical time, baseline data is needed well in advance so that analysts can move marketing plans forward and to measure how effective each campaign was in driving seasonal revenue. But, with the expected onslaught of traffic, how can you pinpoint exactly where each customer or lead comes from?

The National Retail Federation (NRF) provides expert guidance on all the considerations that go into generating a useful and effective marketing plan in its annual playbook. Over 97% of retailers surveyed said they plan to incorporate a paid listing strategy in their 2016 holiday plan. With this in mind, traffic count data becomes a necessary tool that can be used to track online-to-offline attribution.

What does this mean?

Retailers can now cross reference their vehicle or pedestrian traffic count data with their POS sales data, tying offline sales to their online ad spend. Doing so allows analysts to create correlations between customers who receive promotional ads and emails with those who come in to shop after viewing or reading them. Businesses that begin to understand which campaigns drove in the most store visits typically see less of a steep decline in sales after the new year.


For more ideas and steps towards preparing a holiday plan, read marketing expert Rachel Sprung’s steps to  maximize  your holiday sales plans. Want to know more applications specific to your business, reach out to us and schedule a live demo.


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