Motionloft Data to Assist in Transformation of Market Street

San Francisco’s Market Street Prototyping Festival kicked off April 9th through the 11th, and Motionloft was excited to be a part of the weekend festivities. The Market Street Prototyping Festival showcased some of the most groundbreaking public space ideas coming out of San Francisco, while also promoting engagement and interaction among pedestrians on Market Street. Approximately 10 of these innovations will become permanent fixtures on Market Street for the community to enjoy in the near future. For more information about the prototypes showcased at the festival, check out The Market Street Prototyping Festival website.

Many businesses, students, and artists joined in the event to provide valuable feedback from the public and help create a more exciting atmosphere on the already bustling Market Street. Local architecture and innovation firm, MKThink was responsible for measuring engagement and pedestrian traffic at the festival.  They enlisted Motionloft to install sensors along one of the blocks in the retail heart of San Francisco during the festival.

As Motionloft’s data is highly accurate it was used to not only monitor traffic at the festival, but also as a baseline for all other data gathered at the festival in terms of engagement, and visitors. Motionloft sensors counted over 55,000 pedestrians during the festival hours on Thursday through Saturday on the 700 block of Market Street. Peak traffic volumes occurred at noon on Thursday and Friday and at 2pm on Saturday. We also saw an uptick in pedestrian traffic on Friday evening for the night time events surrounding the festival.

Market Street is being revived into a more inspired and visually pleasing space, and Motionloft is pleased that the data from the Market Street Prototyping Festival is helping the City of San Francisco with their decisions. We are looking forward to seeing future changes to Market Street as part of the city’s efforts to create a more vibrant public space.

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