Motionloft New Tools and Features

The team at Motionloft has been hard at work to provide the best real world analytics tool and to improve subscribers’ business decisions with accurate pedestrian and vehicle traffic analytics.

Recently, Motionloft launched an all new look for our online application and introduced features which reduce time to insight, display data in easy to view formats, and allow you to better understand and compare locations. ‘Time to insight’ is how long it takes you to reach an insight – our data is provided in real-time and we believe that your insights should also be both instantaneous and continuous. With engaging visual tools, the Motionloft app is designed to get you to the right conclusion faster.

Motionloft’s Comparison Tool is all new and allows subscribers to easily compare data from two locations, side by side.

Comparison Tool

Motionloft’s Comparison Tool

The Business Hours Tool enables business owners to input their location’s business information and compare current store hours with proposed hours – this feature empowers retailers to maximize their location’s potential capture opportunity.

Operating Hours Analysis

Motionloft’s Business Hours Tool

In addition, shopping centers now have a comprehensive tool that intelligibly provides subscribers with an at-a-glance view of traffic flow in real-time and chronologically.

Bubble Map

Motionloft’s Shopping Center Data Display

The Motionloft team is continually working on providing more features that address your real world analytics needs. Eliminate the guesswork and take advantage of the best pedestrian and vehicle data analytics tool.

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