Pounding The Pavement – What Pedestrian Counts Say About Black Friday 2014


Black Friday is highly anticipated by retailers with deals starting on Thanksgiving and culminating on the following Friday.

While much of the data reported about Black Friday revolves around sales, Motionloft’s pedestrian traffic data provides an important level of granularity into shopping habits in major urban shopping districts across the country.

 Motionloft counts pedestrian and vehicle traffic in the major urban centers in the United States.   Using our own devices, network and software Motionloft is able to give real data, in real time about pedestrian activity that give insights to consumer behaviors that are unique.


Did you know that?

1. Black Friday vs. a typical Friday – San Francisco and Chicago showed up in force on Black Friday with a 69% and 21% increase in traffic over typical Fridays (respectively).

2. Hawaii loves Halloween – Waikiki foot traffic was 10% higher on Halloween than it was for Black Friday and 20% greater than Black Saturday.

3. Doorbusting Isn’t the Trend – Black Friday pedestrian traffic started as early as 7:00 am as shoppers headed to urban retail destinations and hit high volumes as early as 10:00 am in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

4. Black Friday peaks early – Black Friday traffic peaked around 4:00 pm (I guess those shoppers got tired after getting up early).

5. Turkey Not Deals – Although some stores in Chicago, New York and San Francisco were open Thanksgiving Day with deals, it didn’t pull shoppers into the stores. Foot traffic was down almost 17% over the average Thursday in the same locations. People were back for Black Friday spiking to 22% over the average Friday, in those cities.

6. People on the Streets – Peak pedestrian traffic for Black Friday hit about 3200 pedestrians per block per hour on average in NYC and Chicago, with San Francisco seeing slightly less at 2800 pedestrians per block.

7. Black Weekend – In San Francisco and Waikiki, Friday’s lift in shopping traffic continued through Saturday with a 31% and 3% lift from regular Saturdays (respectively).


San Francisco Pedestrian Data


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