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What I learned in Kansas

Posted by Joyce Reitman on Mar 28, 2018 10:12:37 AM


I came to Kansas City this week to pick up an award and left with a much deeper knowledge of where and how our cities are planning to tackle the future. Their survival depends on it. They know it, and as one Mayor said, “I grew up in the rustbelt, and I am not going to see my City turn into a digital rustbelt.” From Louisiana, to Georgia to California and New York, the elected officials spoke about how they need to adapt to our changing world, one ruled by the smartphone.


They spoke how the Internet of Things will go in the archives as a quaint expression in 10 years, as we will consider that as common as we do our apps, now. They spoke of needing solutions and not piecemeal thinking on saving energy, autonomous vehicles, lowering noise and pollution where we live. They spoke of being inundated with vendor solutions, promising answers to all their issues. They spoke of needing to know what is the DIRECTION AND PATH to make their cities viable in the future, and as elected officials they have short windows to execute. There were catch phrases, such as “data is the new bacon”; tasty and delicious, but too much of it could kill you. It reminded me of Michael Sherwood’s quote, “data is the new oil” which he sees as fueling thinking and decision making.



I am not Dorothy, clicking her sparkly red shoes saying take me home to Kansas, and wanting to return to the past. The people in Kansas today know that it is time to take action and are doing so. I am firmly entrenched in the future, and Motionloft is the path and direction I am riding to take me there. For those of you who want to have this conversation and take an active role in executing new directions, count me in.


Joyce Reitman, CEO


Tags: IoT, Smart Cities


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